Entry below the age of 18

All visitors and employees must behave in accordance with Coffee Shop Kruidentuin’s house rules. You must behave in line with the public order, public morality and the general rules of decency throughout your time with us. This will make sure we can create a pleasant and safe environment for everyone. It is not allowed to consume own brought food, drink and cannabis. We sell up to 5 grams per day, per person. The maximum visiting time is 1.5 hours and consumption is required. Identification requirement for every visitor.

The following are definitively prohibited:

  • Entry for people below the age of 18.

  • Threatening or assaulting employees or visitors.

  • Carrying weapons or other objects which could be used as a weapon.

  • Trading and using hard drugs.

  • Drunkenness, or other annoying or offensive behaviour or not taking care of your appearance in line with the applicable standards and values, i.e. looking like a tramp.

  • Discriminating and/or racist behaviour with regard to culture, race or sexual orientation.

  • Damaging, destroying or removing the coffee shop’s or visitors’ properties. You will be held responsible.

  • Sexual harassment and any other form of sexual violence.

  • Any trafficking in stolen goods will be reported.

  • Visitors may be asked to show the contents of their bags and (trouser) pockets. In case of refusal, we will assume the contents go against one of the house rules and the visitor in question will need to leave the coffee shop.

  • Drinking alcoholic and other drinks which have not been purchased in the coffee shop.

  • Photographing and filming inside the coffee shop, without the management team’s express prior permission.

  • Using one toilet with several people at the same time and/or using toilets intended for the opposite sex.

  • Gambling and card games for money.

  • Provoking violation of the rules or inciting offences.

The code of conduct also applies in the Coffee Shop Kruidentuin’s direct vicinity:

  • Do not hang out in the immediate area, not even in the park.

  • Everyone must identify themselves, even if they are waiting for the door.

  • Do not block the road or sidewalk. Do not park or double against traffic. Park the car decent in a box or in a place where other traffic is not affected by you.

  • The pavement is for pedestrians, do not block with bicycles and scooters.

  • Reduce noise and nuisance in the form of music or other loud and annoying behavior.

Violating the rules will always lead to the immediate removal from the coffee shop and an indefinite ban. Violation of this ban will be reported to the police and will result in removal by the police and any associated legal procedure. We will always report any punishable offences committed within the coffee shop.

We use video surveillance equipment in and around the coffee shop. Any visitors entering the Kruidentuin agree to be recorded. (The recordings will be used as evidence in case of an offence). We reserve the right to refuse access to the coffee shop to (large) groups. The management team can’t be held liable for the loss or theft of personal property.

Access to the coffee shop may be refused in case of violation of this code of conduct.